Set Day: Massing Custom Home Modules

EcoCraft Homes: National Buy Direct Program

Welcome to the future of new home construction.
We build the house, you save money and oversee the project.

At EcoCraft Homes, we use modern modular construction methods to build energy efficient, Eco-friendly, and healthy custom homes for our customers and their families at a value that can’t be beat. As we have grown, we have realized that there is a huge demand for our Eco-friendly homes outside of our market, and currently we do not have the resources to be the General Contractor on those projects. We also realized there is tremendous value in offering our expertise in the home design, custom modular construction, passive house design, and intimate knowledge of the general contracting process.

Weekly, we take calls from people who don’t know where to start when it comes to building their dream home, and because 80% of the construction takes place off site, we have developed a way new sales process to help more people build their dream home. Our sales experts will provide you details of every aspect of the home buying process from financing, how to apply for permits, and most importantly, how to design an energy efficient home. Our experience and knowledge simplifies the process and allows us to educate you, the buyer, how to manage the project successfully yourself!

As your home builder, EcoCraft Homes will provide you with a stress-free and successful new home building experience. One of the most important considerations when selecting your home builder is trust. We will insure that you are educated, have honest answers to your questions, and walk you through each step as you move forward in the process of designing and purchasing your new home.

With our buy direct program we design, build, set, and assembly your home, while you only have to manage the project activities that occur on site. The home can be totally customized, and because we build offsite you get the very highest level of quality construction, and project management.

When building in a factory, the materials that are delivered to the construction facility are safely and securely stored inside to prevent damage or deterioration from moisture and the elements. EcoCraft Homes construction process is carefully engineered to create a sequence of steps that is repeated precisely on every module. The assembly line method decreases the possible variations in construction that occur with stick built homes. The automated processes within a modular factory are dedicated to creating high quality homes with inspections at each station. This eliminates poor site work decisions when a field manager is not overseeing the project. It also virtually eliminates complications that can regularly occur in the field for homes built with traditional construction.

The time of construction, the climate in which the home is built, and the management of the construction, all affect the overall cost of building a home. At EcoCraft Homes, we eliminate most of these factors, as we know the home will be under constant supervision, will have a specific time line, and will be constructed in a controlled environment. And now, with the Buy Direct Program, we can seamlessly integrate the construction of your home with the management of your project on site. If you would like an Eco-friendly home with passive house design, but don’t know where to start, we can help. We realize our specific product is in high demand, but not readily available to the general public in many markets. We can help you save money, custom design your home, and walk you through each step of your build.

Build Your New Home Anywhere With EcoCraft Homes As Your Guide

Our Role

It is your new home, as the owner-builder you are in control and EcoCraft Homes at your side to coach you through the process.

What we do for you:
  • • At EcoCraft Homes, we understand how important it is to get a home that works for your lifestyle, therefore, we will help you to design the home that is right for you. We will lay out the plan, design the home, and create the blueprint for your home. We will then build you the custom, Eco-friendly dream home you have always wanted.

  • With years of experience, we know the questions to ask to help you completely think through the design process.

  • We will share our experience with you to avoid budget surprises, and make sure that all of the costs are discussed and documented in regard to your home design and build. We do not want anyone to have a poor experience in realizing they will have unforeseen costs associated with the build.

  • We will help you work out the schedule of the home from the ground up. We will support you in managing your subcontractors, and talk you through each step of the process.

  • We are here to consult in design process of your home.

  • We are here to build the home and manage the delivery and set of the home.

  • We are here to assist you with financing on the home!

  • We are here to help you manage the plan process, and to provide project and technical support of the overall build.

EcoCraft Homes will help you to build a home from the early planning stages of budgeting, financing, and design through site preparation and construction.

You will be provided our comprehensive and easy to follow construction manual which includes building schedules, building steps, lists of required suppliers/subcontractors and itemized budget examples. EcoCraft Homes will help you to succeed!

Your Role

With EcoCraft by your side, you will take the lead in the following tasks:
  • Financing and budgeting Obtain a construction and permanent loan as necessary for your specific requirements. We have many lenders to get you started. We will talk early on about budget constraints.

  • Land You select your location and building site. We can help you analyze the desirability of your site for your specific home and talk to you about cost estimates due to site related issues.

  • Plans Bring in your plans or ideas of what you want to build. We provide the tools and the experience to modify a standard home construction plan or let you create a fully custom modular home plan.
  • Permits You apply for building permits yourself. We are there to support you and your subcontractors through this process.

  • Scheduling & Ordering of Materials We will help you with ordering and planning any outside needed materials in regard to the overall construction of the home.

  • Subcontractors & Suppliers You will choose the subcontractors to perform tasks that you can’t do or choose not to do. Sample Subcontractor Contracts are provided to make it easier to coordinate this part of the construction.

  • InspectionsYou manage and coordinate the various inspections needed. Each jurisdiction and/or permitting office has different inspection points and requirements. They will provide them to you with the permit.

  • Paying of BillsYou will authorize the checks. You control the money. You will monitor the completion of your new home through job site visits.
Remember, even the best project has its delays. Don’t get discouraged by weather, inspections, missing deliveries, and other minor setbacks in regard to build time. With a positive attitude and some flexibility, you will be successful in managing the start and end of your complete home construction. Most of the build will be done for you and set on site.

7 Steps: Building Outside Of Our Service Area

  1. Consultation:  We are here to answer your questions and communicate with you using the method you feel most comfortable using. If you like email or text, then shoot us an email or a text. If you want to talk via phone, that is fine also! We will walk you through a home building process that moves you toward a basic design concept and house plan that meets your general design needs, building site requirements and budget. Then we will prepare a no-obligation Cost Estimate Sheet for your review.

  2. Home Design: You can choose from one of our many standard plans, or you can customize the plan to whatever you would like. If you have your own custom plan, we will be working with you closely to get the plan finished and printed accurately through our architect. Whether your plan is standard or custom, options for the home must be picked, colors must be selected, and any other finishes must be finalized. You will work directly with our design specialist to make these choices. The completion of this home building checklist is needed to get subcontractor bids, obtain building permits, and acquire financing.

  3. Contract/Construction Bids: Depending on the role you have decided to take in the construction of your new home (i.e. be the general contractor, hire a Professional Building Consultant, outsource to a general contractor, etc.), our staff will coordinate and plan with the designated 3rd party. We will help to familiarize the designated party with the floor plan and the requirements of modular construction. We will provide our input as requested to help you make informed decisions when reviewing bids.

  4. Financing: We work with many lenders that are familiar with modular construction. If you need financing, our staff will review your unique situation and help you find the right lender to meet your needs. Please plan to assemble documents such as bank statements, pay stubs, tax returns, etc. for the lender. The lender will also require a signed contract at this time. We will provide them with a set of plans and a copy of the building specifications, which they will also require.

  5. Assistance Obtaining Building Permit: We will work together to obtain building permits and other approvals, as necessary. Building permits are granted as fast, if not faster, for modular homes than for conventional homes.

  6. Order and Build Your Home! Some clients order their homes as soon as the basic house plan and design are developed and priced. Others wait until all issues are finalized. Contractor availability, weather, and production lead times all enter into this decision. We work closely with clients and their designated parties to accommodate scheduling requirements. We will be there every step of the way to make sure your home is built in a timely fashion, and to the specifications you desire!

  7. Construction: We will be there with you to walk you through the entire process. The time it takes to build your home may vary depending on the square footage, design, and complexity of your home plan, access to and terrain characteristics of your building site, weather conditions, and availability of sub-contractors. While awaiting the house shipment customers will have time to prepare their sites and install their foundation so that once the modular home sections arrive, no time is lost. This saves a great amount of time for the customer as well, as the house is being built DURING the time site is being prepared, and the foundation is being laid.

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