EcoCraft Homes Staff
EcoCraft Staff

EcoCraft Homes Team Members

Elliot Fabri, Sr., President

Elliot Fabri Jr

Elliot Fabri, Sr. has been at the forefront of innovation in the building industry for more than 45 years with extensive home building experience and a proven track record of excellence and innovation. In 2012 EcoCraft was founded with his son, Elliot Jr., and since then they have worked to usher in a new era of green, modular building that pushes the envelope of sustainability, energy efficiency, and the use of renewable energy. With extensive experience building in both urban and suburban areas, following Elliot Sr’s guidance, EcoCraft Homes is leading the charge for efficiency, sustainability, and green building.

At his time with EcoCraft, Elliot and his son have spearheaded several green building projects. The team designed an all SIPS panel classroom for Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh that meets the strict Living Building Challenge (a second was built in Washington, D.C.), a solar powered greenhouse in Homewood, PA, as well as a LEED Platinum commercial building for Tree Pittsburgh. Under Elliot Sr.’s guidance, the team at EcoCraft continues to expand its sustainable, efficient, and passive house building practices.

In 1992 Fabri founded New Era Building Systems (NEBS), a modular home producer in Pennsylvania. As president and CEO, Fabri sold more than 12,000 homes to builders and developers throughout the Northeast, Midwest and Mid-Atlantic United States. Through NEBS and his other companies, Fabri built numerous green solar homes including the Solar Patriot, which was a featured display on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. in 2001. Fabri’s company also built the first NextGen Home in collaboration with Martin Architectural Group’s Green Studio. Following a 2003 challenge to 16 architects by Dwell Magazine, Fabri worked with Resolution 4 Architects to build the ground-breaking modern pre-fab Dwell House.

From 1999 until 2004, he served as President of the Automated Builders Consortium, a non-profit group dedicated to assisting in the redevelopment of blighted areas within major cities throughout the United States. Fabri played the lead role in the Manufactured Housing Institute’s (MHI) Urban Design Demonstration Project, addressing housing affordability in urban and suburban areas by working with local government officials and developers to implement modular housing.

Elliot has been the recipient of several major industry accolades including MHI Industry’s Person of the Year as well as the James R. Price Award for Achievement in Housing. Fabri, Sr. is active in the building community sharing his expertise through consulting services to other builders, developers, and fabricators.

Elliot Sr. continues to play an active role consulting and guiding EcoCraft Homes.

Elliot Fabri Jr., Vice President

Elliot Fabri Jr

Elliot Fabri Jr., co-founded EcoCraft Homes with his father in 2012. He is one of the region’s only Certified Passive House Homebuilders and Certified Passive House Consultants for the world’s most stringent energy efficiency program. Elliot, Jr. is one of the founding board members of Passive House Western Pennsylvania, and a green building expert and advocate. His company has constructed some of the region’s most innovative sustainability projects including, passive solar, net zero energy, and Living Building Challenge projects. Elliot, Jr. has positioned EcoCraft Homes to help build sustainable communities throughout the region, and has partnered with community and city development companies, architects, and local developers to improve the way our homes are constructed.

With an eye towards educating our youth in sustainability, Elliot, Jr. worked on the fabrication of the EcoClassroom at Phipps Conservatory classroom – the first sustainable, modular classroom built to Living Building Challenge standards. Designed to maximize student wellness and potential, EcoClassroom features non-toxic materials, generates its own energy, and recycles water on site.

At 27 years old, Elliot, Jr. was inducted into the Young Entrepreneurs Council, an invitation-only organization that recognizes the nation’s most talented young visionaries. He has been an invited guest lecturer at Carnegie Mellon University, presenting net zero energy design and construction strategies to Master’s and PHD students in the sustainable architecture program.

Kristen McIntosh, Pre Construction Project Manager

Kristen McIntosh

Kristen McIntosh, a Pittsburgh native, was introduced to the world of architecture at an early age. As a young child, she gained exposure in the concentrated field of visual arts that would later prepare her for matriculation into the built environment.

Kristen moved to Alabama to obtain her professional Bachelor of Architecture degree from Tuskegee University. Following the completion of her degree in 2011, she relocated to Washington, DC where she completed her Master of Science in Sustainable Design at the Catholic University of America. Throughout both her academic and professional career she learned various sustainable design strategies, technical skills and tools that are utilized in architectural application and practice. She is fluent in developing construction documents, artistic and photo-realistic rendering, and physical three-dimensional models.

She is currently working towards obtaining her LEED Green Associate Certification and architectural license. With her license she hopes to design quality work that is functional, aesthetically captivating, energy efficient and economically feasible. In her spare time, she enjoys honing her artistic skills in photography, costume design, drawing and painting.

Brandon Fury MFA, Customer Relations Manager / Marketing

Elliot Fabri Jr

Brandon Fury graduated with a BA in English Writing from the University of Pittsburgh and received his MFA from Carlow University. He has taught English Composition sections at Carlow University and at the Community College of Allegheny County. Brandon has also completed work as a freelance SEO writer and enjoys assisting new ventures with their marketing strategies. A longtime musician, Brandon spends much of his free time picking an acoustic guitar.

David Russell

David Russell

David Russell graduated in 1998 from Pennsylvania State University with a degree in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

Dave also currently holds a Master Mechanical License with the City of Pittsburgh, and has a strong background in the areas of construction, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC (in both residential and commercial).

Dave's primary function with EcoCraft Homes is in overseeing their construction projects. He also has a prominent role in building sciences including the design and implementation of building air sealing, ventilation, heating and cooling components.

Andy Nicolli

Andy Nicolli

With over two decades of experience in engineering services in the modular industry, Andy brings with him unparalleled drafting and project management capabilities that will help EcoCraft deliver more comprehensive drawing sets, and faster turnaround times with a higher degree of accuracy.

Andy will oversee the drafting, design, and pre-construction project management process, and will also support the onsite construction team. By officially bringing our drafting services in house, EcoCraft will be able to develop a more robust design experience by reducing the number of touch points which will allow for a greater level of accuracy and faster turnaround times.

Andy will help our team continue to improve not only the quality of our homes, but the quality of the EcoCraft customer experience.

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