Lawrenceville Affordable Housing Land Trust

Lawrenceville Community Land Trust

Lawrenceville Affordable Housing Land Trust
Lawrenceville Affordable Housing Land Trust

Community Development:
Lawrenceville Community Land Trust

Affordability Sustainability Efficiency

In collaboration with the Lawrenceville Corporation, Rothschild Doyno, and The Urban Redevelopment Authority, EcoCraft Homes is helping to redefine the image of affordable urban housing. Working through a newly defined mechanism called the “Community Land Trust” program Lawrenceville Corporation is pioneering a new standard for community development and affordable home ownership.

Phase one of the CLT development consists of 6 new and one renovation unit that are built with materials that are equal to, or often times of a higher quality than the market rate homes that Lawrenceville has become known for. In addition, every CLT home has been designed to seamlessly integrate into existing historical fabric of Upper Lawrenceville by respecting and implementing design elements from contextual neighborhood patterns.

The CLT design team’s radically different approach to sustainability, resiliency, and energy efficiency will ensure the affordability of these homes remain intact for generations, challenging the idea that affordability should equate to compromises in the quality of living.

Exterior Home Finish
Exterior Home Finish

Building A Sustainable Community

Home Construction Efficiency Chart

Indoor Environment

  • Daylighting

  • Shading

  • Solar Orientation

  • Low VOC Materials & Paints

  • Ventilation

  • Air Quality ( Air Filtration )

  • Thermal Comfort ( Minimized Heat Loss / Gain )

  • Reduced Air Leakage

Building A Sustainable Home

Sustainable Sites

  • Infiltration Strategies

  • Storm Water Diversion

  • Permeable Paving

  • Landscaping

  • Shade Canopy

  • Street Trees


  • Low Flow Water Sense Fixtures

  • Harvesting / Reuse

  • Rain Barrels

  • Wastewater Reduction Through Conservation Captures & Infiltration

Energy Efficient Homes

  • Small House ( Reduce Heating & Cooling Load )

  • Solar Panels ( Renewables )

  • Energy Efficient Equipment

  • Energy Star Appliance Program

  • Building Envelope ( Increased R-Value & Air Tight Construction )

  • Energy Recovery Ventilators


  • Durable

  • Long Lasting

  • Replacement Cost

  • Low Maintenance

  • Age Gracefully

  • Local ( Regionally Manufactured Or Sourced )

  • Natural ( Renewable Materials )

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