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As loads in High Performance homes go lower, volume of required conditioned air drops, causing a decline in performance for traditional duct systems. With the builders’ requirements in mind as well as the building science community’s input, Dettson Industries is now offering the Right-Sized System® in combination to the Smart Duct System®. Since just like equipment, ducts need to be sized appropriately.

Smart Duct System

Homeowner complaints about thermal comfort lead to service calls, lower customer satisfaction. Moisture issues in Hot-Humid climates with oversized equipment result in short-cycling and risk for mold. Right-Sizing an HVAC system properly includes calculating the proper load per room in both cooling and heating.

The right airflow is as important in considering the load per room as the BTUs. With it’s built-in gaskets, the Smart Duct System® can provide a system leakage of 5% or less. thus in combination with the controls we developed at Dettson for this specific system, our HVAC in a box® solution is designed to run at a low to medium velocity in terms of static pressure, offering a quiet / comfortable operation for the occupant and system efficiency for the efficient home.

Our vision behind this system is called HVAC in a box®, allowing the builder to eliminate bulkheads and added expenses, while optimizing floor plan designs. The High Performance homes environment appreciates the longer cycles that is offered by the lower airflow in combination of the right BTUs. Our HVAC in a Box® concept also includes zoning capabilities.

Mini-Duct HVAC

For mechanical contractor:
  • Provides a differentiator with a technical solution
  • Allows to bring value added to their customers, the builder
  • Ability to handle more job sites
  • Installation labor savings vs traditional duct system
  • More consistent end-product.
For the builder:
  • A uniform system from home to home;
  • Less expensive to install being less labor intensive;
  • Lower duct leakage below 5%, balanced room to room, less call backs;
  • Easier to keep in conditioned space.
For building science:
  • Provides a solution to the new building codes and volunteer programs challenges;
  • Raises the bar on old rule of thumbs load assessments;
  • Easy-to-design duct system.
For the homeowner:
  • Better air mix across the home through better distribution (no cold or hot rooms)
  • System designed for central HVAC efficiency for lower energy consumption
  • Quieter environment in each room
  • Healthier home including humidity management
  • 35 dB and less at the diffuser

Benefits from the Smart Duct System®

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Comprehensive Air Sealing

Insulated Pipe for Sealed Construction
EcoCraft homes are built in a quality-controlled manufacturing facility and are inspected at every stage of construction to ensure that material gaps and ducts are effectively sealed. A conventional site-built home typically contains a half-mile of cracks and gaps behind and around walls, windows, and doors, as well as around dozens of holes cut for electrical outlets, pipes, lights, vents, ducts, and wiring.

Also, in a typical forced-air ventilation system, up to 35% of heated and cooled air is lost due to such gaps, air leakage, holes, and poorly connected ducts. At EcoCraft Homes we eliminate those gaps and pay special attention to ductwork to make sure the air you pay to heat and cool is not wasted.