Hawaii New Modular Home Construction

Hawaii New Home Construction

Hawaii New Home Construction

Aloha Ohana! As we Look at expanding our advanced and intelligent building techniques to new areas, EcoCraft Homes is excited to announce a construction outpost on the Big Island of Hawaii, serving Hilo and surrounding areas. Given the distance from our home base and factory in PA, our projects in Hawaii will focus on applying our modern design aesthetics, superior efficiency, and unmatched sustainability via local construction methods. Our goal continues to be the creation of adaptable spaces flooded with natural light that inspire creativity and blend seamlessly with the natural world. If you are on the big island and have been searching for the pinnacle of modern home comfort, health, durability, and efficiency, reach out today and join the ever expanding EcoCraft Family. We look forward to assisting you with your project on the Big Island.

Please note that every home and site is different and it is impossible to price a project without having a completed site plan and accounting for all the variables that are unique to each site. What we have provided is only a guideline to give you some rough estimates involved with the project costs.

A Growing Community…

EcoCraft is proud to be partnered with Kumukahi Village — an intentional community set up on the beautiful big island of Hawaii. Fully off-grid, Kumukahi Village offers educational programs, yoga, farm fresh food, all while focusing on integrating with the culture of the big island and honoring the aina. To learn more about their regenerative, healing, communicative, and playful space.

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