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Everyone is unique, so why not have your new and sustainable prefab home be an expression of your individuality? We at EcoCraft Homes are always excited to forge new paths and collaborate on new innovative home designs. Our team has experience that spans contemporary urban lots, to traditional craftsman homes, or even remote off-grid builds — the only limit is the breadth of our collective imagination. Together we can take your inspirations, ideas, and create your new forever home. Our network of architects, interior designers, and engineers allows us to take full advantage of your site and collaboratively create a design that fulfills all of your needs. Contacting us today will bring you one step closer to a healthier, happier custom home


It all begins with the land, and at EcoCraft Homes we understand the power and emotion held in landscapes. We build each structure flexible enough to exist in tandem with its natural surroundings while also supplying your family with all the luxuries you desire. EcoCraft Homes offers the foremost sustainable modular construction method customized to fit your needs. From modern contemporary designs to more traditional styles, EcoCraft is the premier custom home builder you need. Whether you desire a luxury home build, or favor a more traditional design built on your own lot— our optimal and advanced construction techniques can usher a new home from your dream, to our factory, to reality. Do you own a property on which you are looking to build? Have you identified the type of property you are looking for? Do you have an accurate, digital, topographic survey to help us develop exact pricing?

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Once you have a lot it is now time to schedule a consultation. At this stage we will discuss your unique project goals and design aspirations. During the initial free consultation we aim to determine the feasibility of the project, and determine whether your project fits well within our design build process or whether it will require the use of a third-party design professional. This is a great opportunity for you to ask our team questions about our home building style and construction process. We believe in developing strong open communication early on with clients and building long term relationships based on mutual respect.

Pre-Construction Agreement - Design a Custom Home Plan:

Once we have established the goals of the projects it is time to enter into the pre-construction service phase of the agreement. The pre-construction agreement will outline the upfront consulting process in more detail, and it will provide the information needed for our team to issue you a fixed cost construction contract. Together we will review architectural styles, home size, options, and the overall project budget. From here we will begin our design process and work together to provide a proposal for services that closely maps the requirements of the project. After you sign the pre-construction agreement — based on the scope of work that has been outlined— we will begin the process of designing your home through our in-house design build process. It is in this phase that we will begin to produce the construction documents. A typical retainer ranges between $5,000 and $7,500.

Construction Pricing:

At this stage, we have all but completed the construction documents and we now have the core components needed to provide a fixed cost. With a thorough understanding of what we are building, where we are building it, and how it is being constructed, we can now offer you a price with confidence knowing you will get everything you want and need to be completely satisfied with your new home. We will review the entire pricing proposal in detail so you can be clear on exactly what you are getting with your new EcoCraft Home.

Financing and Construction Contract:

If you plan on getting a loan for your home, you will now take all the construction documents and specifications to your lender. This process typically takes 4-10 weeks depending on the lender. If you wish, we have preferred lending partners we can put you in touch with. At EcoCraft Homes, we provide fixed price contracts that include all the costs associated with constructing your home from start to finish. We prefer to work with few allowances to ensure there are no surprises and that all details are accounted for. We will clearly itemize any items we cannot provide or items you have chosen to exclude. After the contract is signed and a down payment has been secured, we will schedule home production, and provide an overall project construction timeline.

Permitting & Construction:

Having experience building in numerous states and municipalities, we understand the intricacies and importance of providing thorough and complete permit document sets. Our team will handle the entire process for you. After all the permits have been obtained and the financing has closed, construction will now begin. Using prefabricated construction and clever planning, we have streamlined the homebuilding process. While your home is under construction at the factory, our crew is working to prepare and install your foundation. This simultaneous workflow saves massive amounts of time over the traditional process. From start to finish our design and build process typically takes 4-5 months.

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